How To Choose TOTO Rain Shower Head In Singapore

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If you love the feeling of rain drops on your skin, then you’ll love to have a shower that can replicate that sensation. This is where a rain shower head comes in, as they are ceiling mounted-shower heads that are fixed onto your bathroom ceiling, giving you that rain-like effect.

They are ideal for bathrooms with low ceilings and can help you reduce your water consumption too, as the technology used in the latest shower heads requires less water based on the latest WELS rating. They’re also more efficient, where you can get clean in a shorter time, making them perfect for many Singaporean homes.

If you’re looking for the best rain shower head options in Singapore, one of the best brands available is TOTO. Equipped with the best technology to give you the best experience, it also offers water-saving options that will help in reducing costs.

With this in mind, here’s everything you need to know about rain shower head Singapore, the differences, and where to get it.

Rain Shower Head in Singapore: Column Rain Shower VS Concealed Wall Mounted Rain Shower 

When it comes to rain shower sets in Singapore, there are two types of rain shower heads to consider for your bathroom; a column rain shower or a concealed rain shower. Each of these fits into different preferences or requirements in your bathroom and has different benefits.

Column rain shower 

Shower columns combine both the rain shower head and a handheld shower head. While rain shower heads are usually in a fixed position right above your head, a handheld shower head gives more flexibility as it’s connected to a long hose and sits on the cradle or shower head holder when not in use.

This gives column rain showers the following benefits:

  • Offers two shower options to fit different needs
  • Easier to install
  • Easier to repair

This makes column rain showers perfect for those who are unable to hack their bathroom walls or have more exposed piping at home. It also offers the best of both worlds while being more affordable!

Recommended Rain Shower Columns: 



The TX454SES Shower Column comes in a shower set with both a rain shower option, while also having a handheld shower head. It’s also equipped with an EcoCap technology from TOTO, mixing air with water that leads to reduced water consumption without any loss in stream volume.

Concealed showers 

A concealed shower has the valves and pipework concealed behind walls and tiles, leaving only the shower head and shower mixer visible. 

This gives concealed showers the following benefits:

  • Takes up less space
  • Minimalistic and visually appealing
  • Easier to clean as it’s only two components

This makes concealed showers perfect for those who want a simple and minimalistic look to their bathrooms.

Recommended Rain Shower Head: 

TX491SMZ Fixed Shower Head

TX491SMZ Fixed Shower Head

There are two types of rain shower heads you can consider, including the ceiling mounted and the wall-mounted.

The ceiling-mounted rain shower head offers plenty of styles and gives better coverage as you don’t have to twist or turn while bathing. A great example would be the TX491SMZ Fixed Shower Head with special AirDrop features, where its round feature would ensure complete shower coverage all round.

TX488STN Fixed Shower Head

TX488STN Fixed Shower Head

Another great option is a wall-mounted rain shower head, where the shower head sticks out above the wall before you. Offering plenty of style and convenience, a great example would be the TX488STN Fixed Shower Head that’s also equipped with special AirDrop features. As it sticks out so the head would function directly like it’s from the ceiling, it’s perfect for those who want full coverage when they shower.

Rain Shower by TOTO Shower Technology 

With TOTO, you can expect additional benefits from the ones mentioned earlier thanks to its TOTO technologies. Here are some great features to look out for.

TOTO Column Rain Shower 

There are also additional benefits with TOTO shower columns, as it comes with different TOTO technologies to look out for.

This includes the 3 types of shower variation:

TOTO Column Rain Shower

  • Aerial Pulse – Offers aerated water with a pulsating function. It uses less water to produce an ample flow of water regardless of the shower head size.
  • Aerial Shower – Offers the usual aerated shower with fuller coverage with less water.
  • Gyrostream – Uses shower jets with rotating and pulsating functions. This helps massage the body and stimulate blood circulation to truly offer a refreshing shower experience.

It also features TOTO’s SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) technology, where you don’t have to adjust the temperature manually for their shower mixer. All the perfect technology to give you the ultimate shower experience!

Recommended TOTO shower columns: 



The slim yet powerful TMC95ECR Shower Column comes with all the amazing TOTO Shower technology features mentioned. This includes the 3 types of shower variation, aerated water with pulsating function, as well as the Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) that helps you achieve and maintain the ideal temperature setting.

TOTO Rain Shower Head 

Perfect for concealed showers, TOTO’s rain shower heads come with an Aerial Pulse technology.

With this feature, the air is drawn in through the shower head and added to the water. The shower head then pulses the enlarged water droplets as they fall, giving you a more relaxed experience when using it. This also makes the water flow voluminous even with little water consumption.

TOTO rain shower heads also have higher WELS ratings, which is a rating to show the water efficiency level of a product. The higher the rating, the more you reduce your water consumption.

Depending on the rain shower head in Singapore that you choose, you can reduce your water consumption by 5 to 7 liters per minute!

Recommended TOTO shower heads: 

TX491SY Fixed Shower Head

TX491SY Fixed Shower Head

Thanks to its being ceiling-mounted and round shape, the TX491SY Fixed Shower Head comes with the Aerial Pulse technology that ensures you get full coverage with less water used and in a shorter amount of time, saving you time and money in the long run.

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