Things To Consider When Looking For A Sink And Toilet For Your Bathroom

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Your bathroom may be out of other people’s sight but that doesn’t mean you get can get away with carelessly buying just any sanitary wares and fittings. It also needs creative input and thorough attention as you would give your bed room or living room. This is because aesthetics is not the only goal here but to also build a comfortable and functional bathroom.
To achieve that goal, here are some tips that will help your choose the best basin and toilet for your bathroom that suits your needs.

Overall Style Of The Space
Are you trying to go for a specific theme for your bathroom? If that’s the case, you have to figure out the style that you like best so that you can choose a sink and toilet that goes well with that. Be it rustic or classic theme, Fullsun’s TOTO products have several series that you can choose from. You can rest assured that all the products are not only high quality but also stylish.

The Available Space
When choosing sanitary wares and fittings for your bathroom, you also have to consider the available space. A sink or toilet can either take all the space or fit just right depending on the type of sink you decide to choose.
If you have limited space, wall mount, freestanding or console sink would be best. All of them keeps the room from looking cramped because it free up a lot of floor space although you’ll have to deal with limited storage underneath them. But if you have abundant space to work with then counter mount sink and vanity top sink or even a double vanity won’t be a problem.
When it comes to toilet, you can choose from Fullsun’s TOTO products most hygienic, comfortable and sustainable toilets. They have a number that you can choose from which can save space while enhancing your bathroom’s look with their distinctive minimalist design aesthetic.

Your Budget
Even if you have a budget to stick with, you don’t have to compromise style and quality. We have affordable range of toilet bowl and sink here at Fullsun that you can choose from. This way, you can still rest assured that your bathroom will have the best sanitary wares that is also within your budget.

Since you’re going to spend money anyway, why not invest on sanitary wares that can make your life a little more comfortable? If you can afford it, invest in a countertop sink that is ideal if you want to add a hotel-spa touch to your bathroom or a vanity basin unit that provide plenty of space for keeping toiletries and beauty products hidden away. Our new TOTO Tornado Flush toilet with completely new flushing system cleans and flushes both the rim and bowl in an innovative way where it project three powerful jets of water from inside the bowl so you won’t have to flush twice and clean manually .You’ll thank yourself you did when you’ve had a long day and you don’t wanna worry about doing your business in the bathroom without cleaning up afterwards because otherwise your bathroom will look like a mess.

Ease Of Cleaning
It would have been convenient if all your sanitary items in your bathroom have a self-cleaning feature. Sadly, that doesn’t exist yet. But until then, think about how easy an item would be to clean before buying them. Otherwise, you’d end up swearing up and down while scrubbing the hell of your bathroom. TOTO toilet bowl’s rimless design helps ensure that dirt and bacteria aren’t able to collect in the first place. TOTO Self rimming sinks are proven to be more sanitary than undermount styles. The self-rimming sink edge is visible to the eye and easy to keep clean with surface disinfectants, while the undermount style has unseen crevices which can breed mold and bacteria.

While choosing bathroom sanitary ware, two major factors have to be put into consideration. These are the strength and the design. The toilet bowls and bathroom basins should be of a good design and also be strong enough not to chip and break easily. They should therefore have no sharp edges and you should ensure they are well fitted.

4 Things To Remember When Picking Bathroom Sink

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Choosing sanitary wares and fittings for your bathroom may not seem all that complicated because you just have to pick what you like, right? Actually, that’s not all there is to it. You have to consider a lot of thing to make sure that you made the suitable choice for you and your home. This is true even for something seemingly as mundane as a bathroom sink, where in fact it’s one of the most used sanitary ware in the bathroom along with toilet and bath.

1. Know Your Style
Are you trying to go for a specific theme for your bathroom? If that’s the case, you have to figure out the style that you like best so that you can choose a sink that goes well with that. Be it rustic or classic theme, Fullsun’s TOTO products have several series that you can choose from. You can rest assured that all the products are not only high quality but also stylish.

2. Know Your Options
Knowing what options you have will make it easier for you to decide because you can compare them with each other and learn which among them fits your requirements. Do not limit yourself with what the famous brands or the cheapest possible bathroom sink. There are wall mounted sinks, counter mounted sinks, floor mount or freestanding sink, console sink, and vanity top sinks. Know what kind fits well for your bathroom.

3. Think About Space And Budget Limitation
Even if you badly want a double vanity, you’d have to choose another one if the space you have in your bathroom isn’t enough to house that. You also have to consider if you can actually afford the sink that you want to buy. Remember that if you have a budget to work around, you can’t just buy a sink that’s worth an entire bathroom. Know your limitations, accept them, and find alternatives.

4. Choose Colors
If you like to keep your space looking elegant and spacious, you can never go wrong with all-white sanitary wares. But if you just need color, study up on the color palettes to learn the colors that go well together. Low-contrast combos such as taupes, beiges and tans will create a casual, classic bathroom style that can be dressed up with colorful accessories.

5 Steps Of Fitting A Vanity Unit

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A worn-out sink and vanity can really be a sore thumb. Opt for a new sink or vanity as this one change can make a big difference. Vanity’s often take center stage in a bathroom and help bring in a bit of style and form. You’ll be glad to know replacing them is probably easier than you think.

1. Remove The Old Sink
Fitting any sanitary wares and fittings to your bathroom is so much easier with a clear spot. So if you’re planning to install a new vanity unit, start by removing the old sink. This way nothing is in the way and you can make adjustment accurately. But before you hack off anything, don’t forget to switch off the water supply and disconnect the water supplies for the hot and cold valves and basin waste. Afterwards, inspect if the basin is screwed to the wall or fitted with sealant. If it’s the first one, you simply have to remove the screw to detach the sink from the wall, but if it’s the latter you either use a sealant remover or apply heat to the sealant to soften it to make the silicone sealant easier to slice with a blade.

2. Positioning The Vanity Unit
Keep in mind who use the bathroom when positioning the vanity unit. This way you can prevent fitting it too high or too low. If it’s just you, then all you have to do is stand in there to see how high or low you want it to be. But if you share it with other family members like children or those who use wheel chair, you might want to take their reach into consideration.

Use a pencil to mark the edges. If the vanity unit has an open back to allow for the pipework you can make a start on fitting it. If it has a closed back, you will need to cut holes so the pipes can fit into the vanity unit.

3. Fitting The Vanity Unit To The Wall
Double check the marks you’ve made on the wall to ensure they are level. Make sure there’s no difference between the position of the pipes and the holes in the back of the vanity unit by placing it against the wall. If all matches up you can begin to fit the vanity unit. Locate the wall studs before screwing the vanity unit into the wall. Drill into the studs and fit the unit to the wall making sure it’s securely attached before installing the basin. Once fitted to the wall, use a spirit level to ensure it’s perfectly level.

4. Fitting The Basin To The Vanity Unit
If you don’t want to struggle fitting the basin, install the tap and waste first. Then it will be easier to fit the basin into the vanity unit. Place and align the basin on top of the vanity unit. To avoid water damage, apply silicone sealant to the gap between the basin and the vanity unit to create water tight seal. This sealant usually takes 24 hours to set, so if you share bathroom with other family members or roommates, remind them not to use the unit for at least a day.

5. Check For Leaks
Always double check for leaks before running the water supply. You don’t want to redo everything and waste all the work you’ve done because you didn’t want to bother checking. Switch the water back on, run the tap and check the connections between the tap, drain and pipework. If there are no leaks and everything is secure, you’ve successfully fitted your vanity unit. While the silicone sealant is setting, avoid placing heavy objects on top of the unit.