The Pros and Cons of Having Washlet in Singapore

The Pros and Cons of Having Washlet in Singapore

Cleaning up after using the toilet is vital for hygiene and health purposes. Sometimes, using toilet paper alone is not sufficient, or there will be times when you have run out of toilet paper in your bathroom, which is where a washlet will come in handy.

If you’re considering getting a washlet in Singapore for your toilet, there are a few factors to consider before getting one installed. With this in mind, we will be sharing with you the pros and cons of having a washlet for your toilet.

What is a Washlet?

Washlet Singapore

A washlet is an electronic bidet invented by the Japanese that focuses on enhancing personal hygiene after using the toilet. The washlet is common and can be found everywhere in Japan. The electronic bidet was launched in 1980 by TOTO, which changed the way people clean themselves after using the toilet. By utilising a washlet, you are improving your hygiene, but it also reduces the number of toilet papers used.

The washlet in Singapore has a water spray feature that allows for both front and rear cleansing with different water pressure levels that will enable you to choose from for maximum comfort.

The Pros and Cons of Washlet in Singapore Homes  

The Pros and Cons of Washlet in Singapore Homes

If you are still having difficulties deciding whether to invest in a washlet or not, as it could be a significant investment for your budget, then here are some pros and cons to help you understand the TOTO bidet seat.

The Pros of Having a Washlet 

It saves cost in the long run  

You may be wondering how owning a washlet saves cost? A person uses an average of 81 rolls of toilet paper, which is equivalent to spending about $243 annually on just toilet paper. Yes, you are flushing down roughly that amount or more down your toilet. By installing a TOTO bidet seat, you can save about $182 annually after your first investment in installation.

Friendly to the environment   

As we know, the world is facing climate change and global warming; hence we must play our role to help save the planet. How does installing a washlet protect the environment? Well, producing toilet paper includes chopping down trees and going through multi-stages of washing and chemical processes that are harmful to the environment. By using a washlet each time we go to the toilet, we are reducing the usage of toilet papers which is saving the environment.

Increases hygiene level  

Different features are provided with the TOTO bidet seat from the toilet attachment’s cleansing part. These features will allow you to cleanse both the front and rear after using the toilet and give you a level of cleanliness that mere toilet paper alone cannot achieve. The different spray cleansing pattern includes:

Cleansing Washlet Features

  • Rear cleansing
  • Rear soft cleansing
  • Front cleansing
  • Wide front cleansing
  • Oscillating cleansing
  • Pulsating cleansing

The Cons of Having a Washlet 


The initial price of the washlet can be high for an average person. Besides, it could be a considerable investment and a luxury for some families, as owning a washlet is not a fundamental necessity for some households.

However, not only can you find a good range TOTO washlet prices in Singapore but you can have a peace of mind as the quality of TOTO washlet is reliable and durable.

Requires an electrical outlet 

Before installing a washlet, an eletrical outlet is required. However, not everyone has an electrical outlet installed in their bathroom that is located near the toilet. So unless it is a brand new property and already have an outlet set in the bathroom, you will need to install an electrical outlet in the bathroom just for a washlet.

It cannot Be Used During a Power Outage 

As mentioned, a washlet requires electricity to work; hence if your house has a power outage, your washlet will not work; which can be an inconvenience if you solely rely on a washlet in your household.

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