Ways To Avoid Needing To Deep Clean The Bathroom Often

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Everybody wants a squeaky clean bathroom to use but the process for it to be spotless is something people don’t find pleasant and would rather not do. Although it’s still important to deep clean the bathroom on a regular basis, you don’t wanna be on a close encounter with the toilet bowl way too often than necessary. Here are some tips to get away with that longer without letting the room turn into a mess either.

Don’t Leave Things By The Counter After Using Them
It may seem like a waste of time to put things that you use all the time away. But it would waste even more time to organize everything if they’re scattered all over the counter! And then you’ll even a lot more time trying to find stuff you need that have gotten lost in that mess. Don’t do that to yourself. Save yourself all that trouble and just keep the counter clear by storing all your things in their designated shelves or drawers, they’ll be just as accessible without turning your counters into an eyesore.

Wipe Down Surfaces Whenever You Spilled Something Or Gotten Them Wet
Damp places are where bacteria love to grow and multiply. So keeping the area dry as much as possible prevents mold buildup. Aside from installing exhaust fan in your bathroom to keep it ventilated, it’s also a good idea to wipe dry surfaces that you just cleaned or got splashed with water instead of letting it dry on its own.

Dust Daily
Dusts piles up easily, so dusting everyday keep the surfaces clean longer. Aside from that, letting dusts to sit on surfaces for too long, especially in a constantly damp space creates grime that can be difficult to clean off later on.

Take Care Of The Toilet
Due to the fact that 1-piece toilets doesn’t come with a lot of nooks and crevasses means cleaning it would be a lot faster and easier. You know you’ll be able to reach the entire toilet to scrub so bacteria won’t have a chance to hide and grow. Aside from that TOTO One Piece toilet comes with advanced cleaning technologies such as CeFiONtect that ensures the toilet remains stain-free with minimal cleaning. Moreover, do you know about the “aerosol effect” of germs when a toilet is flushed? This is when bacteria get projected into the air and surrounding surfaces whenever you flush the toilet. This is why it’s important to practice shutting the lid when flushing to prevent spreading germs all over the place. Your even risk contaminating your toothbrush if it’s too close to the toilet if you don’t practice this tip. If you just can’t remember to shut it before flushing every time, then it’s a good idea to invest in a toilet that will do it for you! Fullsun’s Neorest Toilet automatically opens and closes every use so you wouldn’t have to worry about spreading the germs and contaminating everything.

Empty The Trash Once You See It’s Already Full
Do you ever find yourself running out of cupboard space only to find out that everything in there is either expired or empty already? This usually happens because the bin is full when you first meant to throw them away and make room for your other stuff. You can avoid needing to go through all of your products which can take up time to do as well by regularly taking out the trash. This way you get to discard items as soon as you see fit. As a result, you’re not hoarding unused/expired/empty products plus it prevents your bin from overflowing too.

Do The Floor As Necessary
If you only do the floor every once in a while, that will mean you’d probably spend half the day scrubbing it clean because by that time it must have been really grimy. You don’t want that! So better sweep the floor quickly every day and mop whenever it gets wet or dirtied by anything. This keeps the dirt from accumulating and becoming tough to scrub especially around the grouts which we all know can be a pain to clean.

Schedule A Day For Each Task
Now you don’t have to do all the said things above every day. While that may serve the purpose of avoiding deep cleaning, it would, on the other hand, make you clean way too much! No one wants that either! So what you can do is simply assign at least one task each day. This way, you won’t even feel like you’re cleaning up but you’ll definitely notice that there won’t be much to do by the weekend so you can probably put off deep cleaning for another week.

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