Journey in healthcare

Following our collaboration in a project with the Society for the Physically Disabled in 2000, Fullsun began its venture into sanitary care for the medical sector. In time, we embarked on our journey to supply sanitary products to nursing homes such as the Man Fut Tong Nursing Home, and also began providing sanitary products to A&A (Addition and Alteration) works in various hospitals.

Since then, there was a clear realisation that beyond doing business, we had a moral responsibility to care for the disabled and elderly. Fullsun then formed a specialised team to focus on the sourcing and improvement of sanitary care and hospital products for these special groups of individuals.

With our excellent provision of our services, we had built many networks along the way and in 2007, our company successfully became the sole sanitary supplier for Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. We have since become one of the best choices for sanitary suppliers to hospitals all over Singapore. Our most recent completion was Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and the photos can be seen below: