Easy And Quick Ways You Can Change Up Your Bathroom

The little tweaks here and there using your creativity and personality as well as upgrading your sanitary wares and fittings to make them more convenient

Sometimes you don’t have to knock down walls and do any major reconstruction to be able to update your bathroom. Not to mention that for those who don’t have a lot of cash to spare or are bound by the restrictions of renting, major renovations aren’t exactly feasible. The little tweaks here and there using your creativity and personality as well as upgrading your sanitary wares and fittings to make them more convenient for daily use is enough your turn your bathroom into your dream one.

Cheap And Simple Face lift
You’d be surprised by how much difference does repainting your walls alone can make. This is especially true if you’ve had the same dated beige in years and you repaint it with bluish gray or soft taupe which is both a very popular modern bathroom paint color. This can instantly breathe a fresh life into the room.

Aside from that, neatly folded stacks of towel works well with the repaint too. You know how hotels have a couple of white towels stacked and ready for use? It doesn’t matter if they’re rolled or just normally folded but just by having them ready gives that 5-star hotel feel. Cream colored towels works too if you don’t like white towels, but just make sure that they’re all matching because it gives that sophisticated look when they do.

Free Up Some Space
If back in the day it’s all about filling up the space, the trend nowadays is the complete opposite. People may go for minimalism solely for the aesthetic purposes but you can also use this very same principle to upgrade your space, especially if your existing one is leaning towards cramped and cluttered.

This is your chance to get rid of bulky furniture, purge bathroom products that you don’t really use or have expired already, and switch out your sanitary wares and fitting into more modern and space-saving ones.

Since walls are often left unoccupied and unutilized in bathrooms. If you have limited floor space, then use the space you have on your walls. Wall mounted sanitary wares and fittings are great space savers, not only because they free up floor space but also because it gives a smart modern look that makes a space look bigger than it is. Plus it allows more wiggle room for you so that you don’t end up brushing up with everything when you’re in there. Fullsun has different wall hung lavatories that you can choose from. They don’t just save you considerable amount of floor space but they’re very much high quality and stylish too. You’ll find yourself feeling like you’re entering a totally new bathroom because you got a lot more space all than you ever did before and the change of theme just breathes a new life into the space.

Quick Glow Up
Do not underestimated how the lighting in your bathroom can make a difference in your shower experience as well as the general look of your bathroom. Find ways to make your shower feel brighter, and you make it more appealing for daily use. If you’re still using standard fluorescent, how about you change it up with a statement lighting piece? Your lighting fixtures can really date your overall bathroom design. Doing this can instantly make the space updated without spending a lot of money or actually reconstructing the bathroom.

Add Some Finishing Touches
Unless your home is relatively new, you’ll probably have those old fashioned fitting that were commonplace decades ago. Since newer bathroom designs involve a lot of high-tech sanitary wares and fittings that comes with automation, low-maintenance, and improved functionality, you get to go in and out of the bathroom satisfied without too much work or time in there. So everything gets done faster but better. This may seem like a luxury but if you live a particularly hectic day to day life, this becomes a necessity because it will make things easier for you which allows you to maximize your time.

So why not switch them one by one with shower heads like Aerial Shower and Aerial Pulse that promotes comfortable and enjoyable shower experience while reducing water consumption. Touch less electronic faucets like TOTO Self Power technology are fantastic too! These sensor taps’ accurate hand detection means only the minimum necessary amount of water is used, while located inside the unit is the second technology, a generator that harnesses the energy from water flowing through the tap to make the micro-sensor energy-self-sufficient. We also have the Neorest Toilet automatically opens and closes every use so you wouldn’t have to worry about spreading the germs and contaminating everything. How about washlets that eliminates the need to buy toilet paper, have energy-efficient features lowers your monthly bills, high-efficient sanitary wares minimizes bathroom issues like clogging and leaks which lowers repair costs? You even get to save on cleaning products because of self-cleaning, bacteria-resistance and dirt build-up prevention features that comes with some high-tech sanitary wares and fittings.

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing fittings that suit your needs but also creates a better look and brand new image for your bathroom. You don’t have to replace all of them in one go, do it one at a time and you’ll eventually have a bathroom with fittings that doesn’t only improve its appearance and performance, but you’ll also be enjoying the innovations of today’s world!

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