Top 4 Features Your Bathroom Accessories And Fittings Should Have

Before, many bathroom accessories were finished in chrome. The problem with chrome is that although it offers a highly polished aesthetic,

If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom and are currently looking for the best accessories and fittings for your bathroom, this article is for you! The question is, what really makes the best sanitary wares and fitting out there? Is it the design? Brand? Price tag? Well, actually if you try to go and shop for them yourself, you’ll quickly realize that those things hardly matter compared to these following features. Sure the ones that you soon will find that suits these criteria may usually come from popular brands and are priced higher. But what we’re trying to emphasize here is the quality product and not the maker or the price tag.

1. Water Savings
Did you know that a faucet leaking 10 drips every minute wastes 526 gallons of water per year? Lack of water is the greatest challenge humanity faces in many parts of the world. It’s best to conserve water as much as we can before it’s too late. Check the faucet you plan on buying to see how much volume of water it will use in a minute. There are shower heads like Aerial Shower and Aerial Pulse that promotes comfortable and enjoyable shower experience while reducing water consumption. Choose the one that most suitable for your needs as well as your bathroom’s overall appeal that you want to achieve. Touch less electronic faucets like TOTO Self Power technology are fantastic too! These sensor taps’ accurate hand detection means only the minimum necessary amount of water is used, while located inside the unit is the second technology, a generator that harnesses the energy from water flowing through the tap to make the micro-sensor energy-self-sufficient.

2. Thermostatic Capabilities
Do you know what’s worse than running out of water in the middle of showering? It’s getting scalded by a sudden rush of hot water! This could happen when someone else in the house flushes the toilet or uses a faucet, the cold water get redirected there and with less cold water “tempering” your hot water you end up with much hotter water than you’d like. Prevent this from happening again by installing high-efficiency toilets should help alleviate this problem by reducing the amount of water needed to flush them. Another fix involves installing a thermostatic mixing valve in your showers. This device will modulate the hot- and cold-water flows, whatever the usage by other fixtures, to keep the temperature of the shower consistently safe as well as comfortable.

3. Ease Of Cleaning
At first, you may not think this will be an issue but wait until you’re down on all fours and have been scrubbing surfaces for hours and you’ll think otherwise! It would have been convenient if all your sanitary items, especially toilets, in your bathroom have a self-cleaning feature. TOTO toilet bowl’s rimless design helps ensure that dirt and bacteria aren’t able to collect in the first place. Not to mention that CeFiONtect is a glaze applied to all TOTO ceramic products, including our toilets, leaving them with a long-lasting finish that prevents the build-up of mold, limescale and waste matter.

4. Surface Protection
Before, many bathroom accessories were finished in chrome. The problem with chrome is that although it offers a highly polished aesthetic, there is a possibility that it would flake and peel. Nowadays, the material of choice is stainless steel as it doesn’t rust, flake, peel or dull, and it is strong and easy to maintain and clean. Stainless steel bathroom accessories come in two main finishes – polished (shiny) and brushed (matt). Another major benefit of stainless steel is that it’s the best material if you’re trying to go green in your bathroom. Many homeowners want to be environmentally conscious but they don’t want to sacrifice style or functionality either. Stainless steel accessories offer you the ideal way of doing this as it is 100 percent recyclable. Unlike glass and paper, as long as you don’t add any other products into the stainless steel mix, it can be melted down and used again as is.

5 Factors To Remember When Looking For Bathroom Accessories

Give your bathroom some love by knowing how to pick out accessories that complements your bathroom aesthetics as well as you daily needs.

It’s no secret that our house needs an upgrade every now and then. However, sometimes the area that needs the most improvement often gets the least one. This is usually the case for our bathrooms which can be odd considering starting and ending the day wouldn’t be complete without using our bathroom for personal hygiene activities as well as relaxation. Give your bathroom some love by knowing how to pick out accessories that complements your bathroom aesthetics as well as you daily needs.

1. Bathroom Layout
Look at your bathroom objectively in terms of its layout to assess what accessories are needed and the best way to accommodate these bathroom items. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, think of accessories in terms of their contribution to maximizing your bathroom space in order to maintain a neat, ordered look. Once this is established you can then move on to deciding which accessories will contribute to the bathroom look and feel.

2. Budgeting
Budgeting doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself the bathroom you’ve always wanted. It simply means knowing where to invest and where to save. Shop carefully so that the item you buy suits your needs and your lifestyle, keeping in mind to choose an accessory offering quality and practicality over a brand name. Aside from that, it also helps to look for bathroom needs provider like Fullsun that offer affordable range of sanitary wares and fittings as well as bathroom accessories that are also high quality.

3. Bathroom Theme
If you have used a sink and tub that are streamlined, then use faucets and shower heads that would go along with it to get a modern look like a goose neck faucet. If your fixtures are embellished, then you can get porcelain-brass combos for a traditional look. Don’t just pick what looks nice, think about how everything in your bathroom looks and works together.

4. Floor And Wall Finishing
Do not underestimate how your choice of material to surface walls and floors can complete or mess up the overall look of your bathroom. Ceramic tile, marble, and granite make handsome and highly durable flooring and wall surfaces for baths. They may include a design element of texture and may be used to create parameters for different bathroom areas.

5. Consider Your Requirements
Figure out what exactly you and your family needs in your bathroom. Look at your bathroom and figure out what you use on the daily basis, what needs replacement, what is hardly touched. Do not feel that you need to that specific accessory just because it’s trendy or looks good on other bathrooms if you know no one in the household will like it and much less have use for it.

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