Reasons Why You Should Have A Shower Seat In Your Bathroom

You’d be surprised how much of a game changer a shower seat can be and how much you've been missing out the whole time you didn't have one.

Have you ever thought of having a sitting area in your bathroom? Ever heard of other people using a shower seat before? Or does this all sound odd to you because it never occurred to you that this is a thing? Well then maybe it’s time you consider renovating your bathroom to create more space for a shower seat or if you already have enough space then simply install one. You’d be surprised how much of a game changer a shower seat can be and how much you’ve been missing out the whole time you didn’t have one. If you need more convincing, here are the benefits that will make you get a shower seat for your bathroom right away.

Helps Improve Safety
Instead of sitting on the edge of the tub or using the toilet as a chair while in the bathroom, why not install a foldable shower seat? At Fullsun, we have various shower seats for you to choose from. For example,  Louis Shower Seat with backrest that is made of heavy duty reinforce aluminum pipe internally and covered with nylon. This way you can sit comfortably without any risk of slipping.

If you have a combined bathtub and shower area, equip your shower with a hand held or adjustable shower head. You can maneuver it where you want it, minimizing your movement in the shower. Also, you can use it while sitting safely on your bath seat or bench.

Makes People With Mobility Issues Feel More Independent And Feel Empowered
Do you have a family member who can’t stand for too long or can’t stand at all? Although you can always help them in the bathroom, you can bet that they still want to handle it on their own as much as possible. Having a sturdy shower seat in there is one way to do that. It allows them to take care of themselves while in the bathroom and not have to ask for help every time so they won’t feel like they’re bothering anyone.

Improves The Quality Of Your Life
Elderly people or those with disability already rely a lot on their family since their movements are limited. They may not voice it out but the sense of needing and becoming dependent on other people, even family, have a negative effect on them emotionally and mentally. Helping them have a bit of independence can boost their morale and make them feel happier and comfortable at the same time.

Shower and bath time are one of the most relaxing things that anyone can do. It can also help loosen up sore muscles and relieve aching joints. However, it’s no question that the bathroom is also one of the places where slips and falls often occurs. This is especially true for elderly folks or those who have mobility issues. So making the shower area be more accessible and safe for them is a huge help.

Allows You To Relax
Having a spa-like bathroom is a common trend with homeowners. Remodeling a bathroom that allows you to have enough space for a shower seat is an excellent opportunity to create that spa environment in your house. This is not only beneficial for you but can also impress guests that will stay over. People don’t think of the shower as relaxing because you have to stand up especially if you don’t have a tub and shower combination. It’s difficult to relax while you’re standing. But if you use a shower seat, the shower can be an even better place than a tub to unwind and loosen up. What’s more ladies (and some men!) if you want to shave your legs, it will be much easier when you’re already sitting. Especially when you don’t have to worry about slipping off.

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Pros And Cons Of Getting Freestanding Tubs

Since freestanding tubs are available in various styles which gives you a lot of flexibility in choosing one you really like aesthetically-wise

Bathtubs can be either a necessity or not depending on your needs. But we can’t deny that they can definitely elevate an entire bathrooms look and value not to mention comfort especially for those who like taking long warm baths after a long day at work. However, we also have to recognize the disadvantages that freestanding bathtubs may bring. To help you decide whether you should go for it or not, here are the pros and cons that you should consider.


Luxury Appeal
If you want your bathroom to look like hotel bathroom, putting a freestanding bathtub can definitely achieve it. That’s because freestanding tubs are often associated with spacious and luxurious baths.

Available In Various Styles
Freestanding bathtubs are great focal point for a bathroom because you can definitely find different styles and design of it from classic to unique shaped one. Because they’re not limited by the constraints of walls along the sides, so you can totally go for whatever shape you like. TOTO’s wide range of bathtubs is specially designed to maximize the little time you have for yourself. Our Bathtubs not only cleanse your body but also entice you to soak in supreme comfort and tranquility.

Easy To Install
Freestanding bathtubs basically just have to be placed on the space allocated for it in your bathroom and it’s done.


Since freestanding tubs are available in various styles which gives you a lot of flexibility in choosing one you really like aesthetically-wise, its design intricacies can cost more though. So you’ll have to spend more compared to built-in tubs.

Larger Space Requirements
In contrast to a built-in tub, a freestanding tub usually requires open space on all four sides. (Otherwise, what’s the point?) Thus it takes up more space in a room that typically has precious little square footage. This can be a problem is you have small bathroom space.

Less Efficiency
Unlike built-in tubs where you can store toiletries and other bathroom essentials on the edges, freestanding ones doesn’t allow for that. So you may have to use a wheeled bathroom trolley to house your essentials which will make it easy for you to move it around the tub too for easy access.

Freestanding tubs are usually heavier than built-ins, which means they can require the expense and effort of reinforcing floors.

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Things That You Should Know About Washlets

These washlets all come with those four key features mentioned above. But each one of them has one or two additional feature that makes them even better.

Have you always been relying on toilet paper whenever you need to go to the bathroom? Or have you switched to bidet recently? If you’re still looking for a better option when it comes to personal cleansing in the bathroom, you seriously need to consider opting for TOTO washlet. If you still haven’t heard of it, here are the things that you should know about it.


It Has 4 Key Features

1. Premist
This feature sprays water to the toilet bowl before you use it. This lessens the dirt that’s more likely to stick with every use of the toilet bowl.

2. Self-Cleaning Wand Jet
This one automatically cleans the wand jet before and after you use the toilet. This helps prevent contamination since the water sprayed from the nozzle used for your personal cleansing goes through this wand.

3. Silicone Based Wand Jet
Even though the wand already has a self-cleaning feature to ensure sanitation, the material itself is silicone-based which is extremely resistant to dirt.

4. 43 Degrees Angle Wand Jet Position
The washlet wand jet will extend at an angle, which keeps it from getting dirty. The soiled water will fall directly into the toilet bowl at angle of 43-53 degrees which keeps the jet clean.

It Comes With An Enhanced Hygiene Feature
Fullsun’s TOTO washlet isn’t just equipped with features that keep the toilet clean. It also come with EWATER+ technology which is an antibacterial liquid that prevents waste particles from accumulating and staining the toilet bowl. Because of the EWATER+ technology that comes with the TOTO washlet, the water that get sprayed on the bowl and nozzle, 99.9% of the bacteria on the toilet bowl is eliminated every time you use the toilet.


Fullsun Offers 4 New Different Washlets

Aside from those four key features mentioned above all these four washlets comes with remote control. Moreover, you’ll have no trouble cleaning any of them because they can be easily removed and is fully equipped with comfortable rear, front, and oscillating cleansing functions.








Both washlets come with Ewater+ technology.



Toto, the most renowned manufacturer of toilet accessories in the world, is the founder of washlets. A Toto Washlet is essentially an integrated toilet and comes with a number of advanced features. If you’re interested in any of these, visit us at to know more or reach us at 62950966 and we’ll gladly help you with anything you need!

Benefits Of Using Washlets For Your Bathroom

Since TOTO washlets has EWATER+ technology which is an antibacterial liquid, you no longer need to use any other chemical when cleaning the toilet.

Instead of settling with the traditional toilet paper or taking a chance on hand held sprays, here are the reasons why you should definitely opt for TOTO washlet in your bathroom!

It’s Very Low Maintenance
Because of the EWATER+ technology that comes with the TOTO washlet, the water that get sprayed on the bowl and nozzle, 99.9% of the bacteria on the toilet bowl is eliminated every time you use the toilet. Moreover, since the washlet can be easily removed and there are no hidden crevices, cleaning it is very effortless.

It’s Eco-Friendly
Since TOTO washlets has EWATER+ technology which is an antibacterial liquid, you no longer need to use any other chemical when cleaning the toilet. Aside from that, they’re also equipped with energy saver timer which records your habits and automatically select the best time for standby mode which ultimately saves energy.

Saves A Lot Of Space
TOTO washlets eliminated the need for hand held sprays as the nozzle is already attached within the toilet, therefore saving you from installing another fixture.

Added Comfort
Washlets comes with these features which are all intended for your comfort that hand held sprays definitely cannot give.

  • Washlets comes with features such as Adjustable warm air dryer.
  • Auto powerful deodorizer activates after every usage.
  • Heated seat with temperature control.
  • New auto soft light function usable for night time usage.
  • Adjustable warm air dryer

Improved Personal Hygiene
When your hands are dirty, you clean them using water. Then it only make sense that when it comes to cleansing down there, water is also the best since it is faster, cleaner, and more effective than toilet paper.

Safe To Use
Washlets are only activated when you sit on the toilet. Therefore, this eliminates accidental water splashing, which often happens with hand held sprays, that leads to slippery floors which can be dangerous in bathrooms.

Saves You Money In The Long Run
Did you know that a person uses an average of 81 rolls of toilet paper which is equals to $243 a year on toilet paper? That’s literally flushing your money down the drain! But with TOTO washlet, after the initial investment on it, you will save about $182 a year which increases depending on how many household members you have.

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9 Tips To Upgrade Your Bathroom

here are some tips that you may find helpful, especially if you’re planning to renovate.

Traditionally, bathrooms were only needed for personal hygiene and excretion. However, times have changed which also altered how people view and utilizes their bathroom nowadays. Today, bathrooms have become a place where people retreat to when they want to relax and soak their stress away. In fact, a long warm bubble bath is now one of the famous ways of destressing. If you’re one of those who view their bathroom as more than a utility room and find it necessary that it reflects your personality as well as the modern era, here are some tips that you may find helpful, especially if you’re planning to renovate.

1. Alternative Freestanding Baths
Make your bathtub the focal point in your bathroom. Choose one that has a quirky twist. It can be an atypical shape or get an infinity tub. This immediately draws the attention to the bath and gives the room a modern vibe even when it’s the only thing in the bathroom that is futuristic in a sense.

2. Hand Dryers
If you hate using loo rolls to dry your hands and don’t like re-using the same towel to dry your hands, try adding a hand dryer in your bathroom. If you’re worried about the noise since those in malls and hotels are often noisy, you can get a model that is from a quiet range in the market nowadays.

3. Funky Taps
You know those taps with unconventional design and equipped with a proximity sensor and mechanism that opens its valve to allow water to flow in response to the presence of a hand or hands in close proximity? They don’t just give a hotel-ish vibe in your bathroom but reduces water waste making the investment definitely worth it.

4. Multifunctional Mirrors
Gone are the days where you can can’t hear your music properly in the bathroom or worrying that your device will get water damaged, the Jarrow LED mirror has its own integrated Bluetooth speakers. You simply need to pair it with your smartphone or tablet, and then you can listen to your music whilst you’re having some down time or getting ready. As it includes four LED strips of lighting and de-misting technology it can illuminate your face efficiently, giving you the perfect amount of lighting to apply your makeup evenly.

5. Sophisticated Vanity Units
If you spend a lot of time using the vanity unit, it only makes sense that you switch it up with a sleek and elegant design. Plus points if you can get one with clever storage solution! So that you have space for all your toiletries, cleaning products, makeups and other stuff that you need in your bathroom.

6. Over-The-Tub Wire Rack
Something as simple as this makes your time in the bath more comfortable, convenient, not to mention posh. No more having trouble finding a way to have your book, phone, candles, and glass of wine near you while enjoying a warm bath.

7. Freshen Up Your Sanitary Wares
Okay, this may be not the cheapest option when giving your bathroom a makeover. But, if you’ve been living in the same house for 5 to 10 years or more, then chances are that you sanitary wares already have scratches, discoloration, or nicks and chips around the edges especially if you share the same bathroom with other family members. With that said, buying new ones will not only make the entire room feel new again, but will also make a lot difference in looking better.

8. Update The Hardware
Bathroom fixtures including hooks, handles, faucets and soap dispensers can be quickly and easily replaced and will give the space an updated feel. Most bathrooms look their best when all of the metals match in color and finish.

9. Replace Your Lighting
Remember how lighting can make a room feel cramped or spacious depending on how it illuminates the room? Aside from that, it can definitely change a room’s appeal by replacing lighting fixtures. If you’re still using standard fluorescent, how about you change it up with a statement lighting piece? Your lighting fixtures can really date your overall bathroom design.

5 Steps Of Fitting A Vanity Unit

A worn-out sink and vanity can really be a sore thumb. Opt for a new sink or vanity as this one change can make a big difference.

A worn-out sink and vanity can really be a sore thumb. Opt for a new sink or vanity as this one change can make a big difference. Vanity’s often take center stage in a bathroom and help bring in a bit of style and form. You’ll be glad to know replacing them is probably easier than you think.

1. Remove The Old Sink
Fitting any sanitary wares and fittings to your bathroom is so much easier with a clear spot. So if you’re planning to install a new vanity unit, start by removing the old sink. This way nothing is in the way and you can make adjustment accurately. But before you hack off anything, don’t forget to switch off the water supply and disconnect the water supplies for the hot and cold valves and basin waste. Afterwards, inspect if the basin is screwed to the wall or fitted with sealant. If it’s the first one, you simply have to remove the screw to detach the sink from the wall, but if it’s the latter you either use a sealant remover or apply heat to the sealant to soften it to make the silicone sealant easier to slice with a blade.

2. Positioning The Vanity Unit
Keep in mind who use the bathroom when positioning the vanity unit. This way you can prevent fitting it too high or too low. If it’s just you, then all you have to do is stand in there to see how high or low you want it to be. But if you share it with other family members like children or those who use wheel chair, you might want to take their reach into consideration.

Use a pencil to mark the edges. If the vanity unit has an open back to allow for the pipework you can make a start on fitting it. If it has a closed back, you will need to cut holes so the pipes can fit into the vanity unit.

3. Fitting The Vanity Unit To The Wall
Double check the marks you’ve made on the wall to ensure they are level. Make sure there’s no difference between the position of the pipes and the holes in the back of the vanity unit by placing it against the wall. If all matches up you can begin to fit the vanity unit. Locate the wall studs before screwing the vanity unit into the wall. Drill into the studs and fit the unit to the wall making sure it’s securely attached before installing the basin. Once fitted to the wall, use a spirit level to ensure it’s perfectly level.

4. Fitting The Basin To The Vanity Unit
If you don’t want to struggle fitting the basin, install the tap and waste first. Then it will be easier to fit the basin into the vanity unit. Place and align the basin on top of the vanity unit. To avoid water damage, apply silicone sealant to the gap between the basin and the vanity unit to create water tight seal. This sealant usually takes 24 hours to set, so if you share bathroom with other family members or roommates, remind them not to use the unit for at least a day.

5. Check For Leaks
Always double check for leaks before running the water supply. You don’t want to redo everything and waste all the work you’ve done because you didn’t want to bother checking. Switch the water back on, run the tap and check the connections between the tap, drain and pipework. If there are no leaks and everything is secure, you’ve successfully fitted your vanity unit. While the silicone sealant is setting, avoid placing heavy objects on top of the unit.

Things That You Should Consider When Building Your Ideal Bathroom

to find the balance between creating a beautiful bathroom and achieving a well-functional one, here are some tips that you can follow.

Having a functional bathroom is important but it doesn’t hurt to have hotel-ish looking one too. However, you have to remember that your bathroom isn’t solely for good social media photos. So to find the balance between creating a beautiful bathroom and achieving a well-functional one, here are some tips that you can follow.

Before You Buy
When creating a space, people tend to immediately jump into buying new stuff. I get it; this is the most exciting and fun part. However, you don’t wanna end up regretting and wasting money on sanitary wares and fittings that you won’t be able to use because they don’t fit your existing space. So before you go shopping, measure the space, take note of where the pipe work is and know that relocating them will increase overall cost. Design your bathroom first; this will make it easier for you to buy things.

Set A Budget
Sure it’s nice to have a fancy bathroom but is willing to shell out a lot of money just for the bathroom alone? What exactly is your allotted budget for your bathroom? Settle this before you go ordering fancy sanitary wares and fitting online. Work within your budget. You don’t wanna end up with a pile of credit card debt because you wanted a gold toilet bowl but with more than half of the bathroom unfinished.

Choose A Style
A contemporary bathroom will make a statement in a traditional home, while traditional suites add class and elegance to modern homes. It’s always a good idea to consider bathroom suites that will stand the test of time. Contemporary bathroom suites feature clean lines and strong shapes, which makes them a great option if you want to create a designer look. Traditional bathrooms evoke a sense of nostalgia and will always remain a classic favorite. Create the perfect traditional look with a roll top bath, high level toilet and classic crosshead taps. Choose a style that appeals to you yet still practical for everyday use.

Consider Your Requirements
Figure out what exactly you and your family needs in your bathroom. Look at your bathroom and figure out what you use on the daily basis, what needs replacement, what is hardly touched. Do not feel that you need to have a sauna room in your bathroom just because it’s trendy or looks good on other bathrooms if you know no one in the household will really use it.

Buying Sanitary Wares And Fittings

You can either buy the products individually or you can purchase a complete bathroom suite bundle, which can actually help you to save money.

· Bath
Think about who will be using the bath in your house. This will help you determine the kind of bath that will suit your bathroom.

· Shower
When choosing a shower, space is a major deciding factor. If you have a huge space, then a separate shower and bath is fine. But if you have a narrow space, you might have to opt for combined bath and shower or decide to just stick with a walk-in shower.

· Basin
Basin is one of the most fun things to shop for because there are a lot of different fancy designs to choose from. But, you would have to focus on the space you have and the overall look that you want to achieve in your bathroom. From there, you’d be able to choose the right basin for bathroom.

· Toilet
People assume there’s nothing much to consider when choosing a toilet. When in fact there’s a lot. Nowadays there are different designs that will be better suited to the space you have like wall-mounted toilets for small spaces. Aside from that, you can also find a toilet that includes a soft close seat to prevent accidental bangs, as well as a dual flush cistern to save water.

· Bathroom Vanity Units And Storage
Keeping your bathroom clutter-free is also important. There’s no point in having a hotel-like bathroom if it’ll only end up looking like a mess every time because there’s no space to store bathroom accessories and essentials. So carefully choose vanity units and storage that will cater to your needs.